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List Price:$21,999
Special Price:$9,860
You Save:$12,139
Length: 32 ft.
Stock No: 911
Price:$21,999 Special Price:$9,860 Your Savings:$12,139
List Price:$34,860
Special Price:$23,860
You Save:$11,000
Length: 29 ft.
Mileage: 44,300
Stock No: 964
Price:$34,860 Special Price:$23,860 Your Savings:$11,000
List Price:$49,860
Special Price:$39,860
You Save:$10,000
Length: 30 ft.
Slideouts: 2
Mileage: 44,800
Stock No: 965

This model features basement air conditioning. With 2 slides and 3 bedsvery desirable in the 30 foot length. In time for summer. Low miles ,Ford v10...view more details

Price:$49,860 Special Price:$39,860 Your Savings:$10,000
List Price:$30,000
Special Price:$23,860
You Save:$6,140
Length: 36 ft.
Slideout: 1
Mileage: 64,514
Stock No: 991
Price:$30,000 Special Price:$23,860 Your Savings:$6,140
List Price:$50,000
Special Price:$39,860
You Save:$10,140
Length: 32 ft.
Slideouts: 2
Mileage: 29,522
Stock No: 994
Price:$50,000 Special Price:$39,860 Your Savings:$10,140
List Price:$35,000
Special Price:$29,860
You Save:$5,140
Length: 34 ft.
Slideouts: 2
Mileage: 47,404
Stock No: 1005
Price:$35,000 Special Price:$29,860 Your Savings:$5,140
List Price:$24,000
Special Price:$19,860
You Save:$4,140
Length: 29 ft.
Mileage: 54,420
Stock No: 1000
Price:$24,000 Special Price:$19,860 Your Savings:$4,140
List Price:$29,860
Special Price:$22,000
You Save:$7,860
Length: 34 ft.
Slideout: 1
Mileage: 43,420
Stock No: 993
Price:$29,860 Special Price:$22,000 Your Savings:$7,860
Special Price:$29,860
Length: 32 ft.
Slideout: 1
Stock No: 992
Special Price:$29,860
List Price:$12,000
Special Price:$9,860
You Save:$2,140
Length: 22 ft.
Mileage: 85,050
Stock No: 1009
Price:$12,000 Special Price:$9,860 Your Savings:$2,140

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