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I have been so pleased with my interactions at Fred's RV in large part to Steve. The guy is fantastic! I'm a single, older female with a truck and camper. This is a rather new addition and has air bags, something I'm unfamiliar with. The very first time I drove into Fred's to get a part Steve realized my truck's air bags were not properly inflated and let me know. He put air in not only the bags but my tires as they, too, were under-inflated. ( My but the "ride" was different.) Yesterday, I was back again for another part and as I walked through the door Steve, who was right inside the door at the counter, asked if I was there for air because my air bags were (nearly) flat! Sure enough, they were. He filled them, found a leak in one, had me come back in today to put my truck on the rack and check to find the problem; and didn't charge me a dime. He wouldn't even take a tip!! You will never know how much it means to a woman who is "going it alone" to have someone looking out for her! And that's exactly the way I feel about Steve. Trustworthy, reliable, so nice to know there are still people out there like him! Would highly recommend Fred's! (Psst, ask for Steve.)

Judith McFarlane